This post is about privacy, security and the future control dominant people is building in the dark. It’s an ongoing archive I’m going to update as soon as I find new info around the web.


How to encrypt your entire life in less than an hour by Quincy Larson on Medium (freecodecamp). This is a quick collection to get yourself in the right mood.



The NSA Is Targeting Users of Privacy Services, Leaked Code Shows sentences Kim Zetter on Wired website under security section. Sad but true, how simple is for government to label people on a mass scale. Everyone is a target, doesn’t mind if you’re a bad guy or just a curious fellow.


As Quincy Larson in this article on Medium website DuckDuckGo doesn’t have all the thousands of engineer-years poured into its search engine that Google has, but it does have a shortcut to get encrypted Google searches when you need them. You just need to prefix your search with !google